People designing and creating this asortment of covers and sleeves are in the bookbinding business for over 50 years now. We use those products ourselves almost everyday. We also observe that a huge amount of people respect their publications and keep them in a good shape while using them in public. We use our experience in choosing materials and patterns for our products in order to satisfy all our customers.The basic material used in production is a special eco-friendly leather from Italy.We use it for over 20 years therefore we are certain that the final product is durable and meets the requirements of our clients. Such high quality sleeve can be succesfully used for many years. This particular material is better than common artificial leather - it doesn't crack, it's soft to the touch and there's a wide selection of colours available. We are open for any suggestions and opinions. We fulfil personal orders too. We also shipp abroad to United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia and many more countries worldwide. We always carry out a foreign order after requested payment's being accomplished. Please remember about SWIFT code. We recommend clean covers for foreign orders but there's a possibility to engrave an indicated inscript_ion. Design of a particular inscript_ion is being taken from www.jw.org. Awaiting-realization time equals 3 or 4 weeks. Shipping price outside Poland:

quantity 1-5 - 80PLN; 6-30 130PLN

After purchasing the amount calculated in PLN using established exange rate of dollar or euro should be converted to currency of own country and then transfered to specified account.